Skip Bin Design

Ideas To Dress Up Or Makeover Your Skip Bin

Tired of a smelly, eyesore-looking skip bin outside your home? Then take a cue from some of the many fascinating skip-related projects happening worldwide.

Skip bins come in a range of shapes and sizes. Conventionally, they’re used for rubbish removal. Creatively, they can be turned into works of art or come in handies. In this blog, we’ve listed 8 zany ways to transform your skip, brought to you by Supreme Skips.

Artistic Skips

If you have old unused skip bins around your business, create PR buzz by turning them into marketing pieces designed by artists. Alternatively, decorate your skip with large vinyl stickers. Your stickers can brand your company, be decorative, or have fun anti-littering messages. It adds visual appeal to your commercial parking lot or garbage collection site.

Zen Garden

Treat your bin as an oversized flower vase and create your own garden. After filling it with soil, the options are limitless. Grow your favourite crawlers or succulents to create a beautiful green-scape. You can even plant a fruit-bearing tree or grapevine and snack off the juicy fruits of your labour.

Trailer Skip

What are skip bins known for? The answer is their storage space. Why not use that storage by putting your bin on wheels. Once it’s portable, you basically have a road-ready trailer. Just find a way of hooking it up to your truck or car. Close the lid, add a tarpaulin and go anywhere.

Living Skip

People live in cabins, caravans and containers, so why not turn your skip bin into a living room? Tip the bin to its side and canvas it for privacy. For interior décor, glam up your new lounge with faux flowers. As for entertainment, add in a couch, TV and pillows – and chillax.

All In

With a skip bin and some building skills, you can create a contemporary space for yourself or family. Whether it’s a man cave or bespoke office, just find the right site, tip your skip to its side – and make it happen.

The Pool

Turning your bin into a pool is a pretty idea. Get a clean, empty skip bin. Fill it up with a garden hose. Then invite your pals to a pool party. Imagine that DIY pool in the backyard on a hot day? It’s summer fun at it’s best.

Gleaner’s Paradise

Have food scraps lying around? Since skips don’t accept food waste, set up a gleaner’s bin. Hungry gourmands and racoons can eat their fill from the gleaner’s bin without digging through your rubbish. Another option is composting your scraps and using them in your garden.

Recyclables Pit

Put your rubbish to good use instead of sending everything to the landfill. Your skip bin can serve as a recycle bin. Get paper, glass, cardboard and plastics in there.

Are you preparing for a move? Is home renovation or extension on the cards? Does your landscaping come with a ton of green mess? Wait…a skip is handy for that too. Just hire a skip bin and go for it.

Wine Storage Options That Complement Your Décor

It doesn’t matter if you’re a wine aficionado or you’ve just started getting into wine. Storing your wine collection is essential and doing it well will make all the difference. We’ve outlined four wine storage options so that you’re more conversant when it comes to making a final choice. Read on as you sip a glass of wine.

Wine Fridge

One popular option for storing small or large wine collections is the wine fridge. Choose a fridge that’s the right size for you. Remember to add room for the expansion of your future collection. It’s also recommended that you opt for a fridge that has multiple climate zones if you’re storing different wine types. The fridge’s compressor or motor should be vibration free, as vibrations can affect the wine. A door that’s made of tinted glass or that can’t be seen through is ideal, as light affects wine too. For short-term storage, slide-out shelves are perfect. Solid shelves are best for long-term storage.

Wine Cellars

Wine cellars are for those folks that call themselves serious wine enthusiasts and boast a generous wine collection. They’re walk-in, allowing you easy access to your wine. Cellars keep your wine at optimal humidity levels and in optimal temperature conditions. These are controlled by the addition of refrigeration/cooling units. Ensure that your cellar has plenty of racks for wine storage (with lots of space for extra bottles). Choose a freestanding unit or build a wine cellar in your house somewhere.

Wine Cabinets

Another option you have for storing your fine wine is a wine cabinet. This can be larger or smaller as you need. Look for a wine cabinet that has the right hinges (piano hinges aren’t suitable as the door won’t seal properly). When fully loaded, the cabinet needs to be strong enough to take the wines’ weight. Your wine cabinet should also be able to control humidity and temperature. Many styles are available, so you can find one that best suits you.

Wine Racks

If you like drinking wine but not keeping it for long to make it a collection, then the best storage option for you is a wine rack. These racks are designed to hold bottles in a way that the cork is always in optimal condition. This reduces the risk of “corked” wine and prevents air from entering the bottle.

Racks can be made from different materials like glass, steel, chrome, wood and wrought iron, or a combination of these. What you choose depends on your personal taste. A rack can be small or large and either freestanding or built into your kitchen cabinetry. Make sure it’s in a shaded corner or out of direct sunlight as wines don’t like the light. When choosing a wine rack, make sure it’s a single depth rack; consider the size of the rack; check the spacing of the rack, and decide what design and material you want. See Wine Rack Shop for ideas and options.

As you know, wine tastes better with age. With a fridge, cellar, cabinet or rack, you can store your wine for ages.