Skip Bin Design

Ideas To Dress Up Or Makeover Your Skip Bin

Tired of a smelly, eyesore-looking skip bin outside your home? Then take a cue from some of the many fascinating skip-related projects happening worldwide.

Skip bins come in a range of shapes and sizes. Conventionally, they’re used for rubbish removal. Creatively, they can be turned into works of art or come in handies. In this blog, we’ve listed 8 zany ways to transform your skip, brought to you by Supreme Skips.

Artistic Skips

If you have old unused skip bins around your business, create PR buzz by turning them into marketing pieces designed by artists. Alternatively, decorate your skip with large vinyl stickers. Your stickers can brand your company, be decorative, or have fun anti-littering messages. It adds visual appeal to your commercial parking lot or garbage collection site.

Zen Garden

Treat your bin as an oversized flower vase and create your own garden. After filling it with soil, the options are limitless. Grow your favourite crawlers or succulents to create a beautiful green-scape. You can even plant a fruit-bearing tree or grapevine and snack off the juicy fruits of your labour.

Trailer Skip

What are skip bins known for? The answer is their storage space. Why not use that storage by putting your bin on wheels. Once it’s portable, you basically have a road-ready trailer. Just find a way of hooking it up to your truck or car. Close the lid, add a tarpaulin and go anywhere.

Living Skip

People live in cabins, caravans and containers, so why not turn your skip bin into a living room? Tip the bin to its side and canvas it for privacy. For interior décor, glam up your new lounge with faux flowers. As for entertainment, add in a couch, TV and pillows – and chillax.

All In

With a skip bin and some building skills, you can create a contemporary space for yourself or family. Whether it’s a man cave or bespoke office, just find the right site, tip your skip to its side – and make it happen.

The Pool

Turning your bin into a pool is a pretty idea. Get a clean, empty skip bin. Fill it up with a garden hose. Then invite your pals to a pool party. Imagine that DIY pool in the backyard on a hot day? It’s summer fun at it’s best.

Gleaner’s Paradise

Have food scraps lying around? Since skips don’t accept food waste, set up a gleaner’s bin. Hungry gourmands and racoons can eat their fill from the gleaner’s bin without digging through your rubbish. Another option is composting your scraps and using them in your garden.

Recyclables Pit

Put your rubbish to good use instead of sending everything to the landfill. Your skip bin can serve as a recycle bin. Get paper, glass, cardboard and plastics in there.

Are you preparing for a move? Is home renovation or extension on the cards? Does your landscaping come with a ton of green mess? Wait…a skip is handy for that too. Just hire a skip bin and go for it.