Ways To Use Today’s Artificial Plants To Jazz Up Your Home

If your home needs livening up, be it in the garden or lounge, it’s not practical to use real greenery, instead consider using faux plants. Decorators recommend skipping the fake stuff to stay classy, but improved materials and manufacturing are giving silk greens a fresh reputation. Artificial plants look real now that it’s hard to tell.

Selection Savvy

Pay attention to detail when you’re buying fake flowers (buy from www.artificialplantshop.com.au/artificial-flowers-sydney/). Manufactured plants should resemble their live counterparts. Visible stems, trunks and limbs must appear realistic. The same goes for texture, density and colour. Minute, intricate details make innovative greens more natural-looking than their predecessors.

An array of products could leave you spoilt for choice. But when it comes to creativity, there’s no wrong or right way to choose. The great thing is that faux plants offer the leeway to pick what you want, when you want, no matter your region or the season.

New trends in greenery include succulents and palms, as well as potted herbs like rosemary and lavender. Small ivies and leafy plants suit interior gardens. Dahlias, peonies, hydrangeas and sunflowers are popular silk floras.

Perfect Presentation

Easy to manipulate and maintain, artificial plants are suitable for garden design and interior décor. You can bend limbs and stems to make them fit into a certain space or vessel. Change it up from time to time so they don’t always look similar. Touch up your silks with chic containers and accessories like soil, sand and pebbles.

Outdoor Interest

Add artificial greenery to your rockery, in areas where real plants don’t thrive. It’s that side that has no light. For a lusher look, mix fakes with reals. Topiaries like small boxwoods maintain their glow come rain or shine. They’re a great choice for dark or drab areas where nothing can grow.

Minimal Maintenance

Because faux floras need no pruning, watering or fertilising, they’re perfect for folks who lack a green thumb. We all love real plants but detest maintaining them. Keeping silk plants looking their best requires no more than a dusting. Wiping with a damp microfiber cloth preserves good looks. Many can be rinsed off outdoors or in the shower with a hose. It’s time to replace your artificial plants when you spot signs of fading.

Real vs. Fake

Even if you have green fingers, real plants can be treacherous foes that like to break your back and make you look bad if you don’t give in to their demands. They fade, wilt and die even after showing them mob love. That’s why faux greens and blooms are the best fake pals you’ll ever have. If you have a rockery that’s out of the sun, a shelf that’s out of reach, or a cat that likes digging up plants, don’t put up with a plant-less home, coz artificial plants are here for you.

Silks can do without water and light, and won’t punish you by dying a slow death like real plants on a “dry spell”. Bottom line is; high-quality fakes (well chosen, exhibited and maintained) are way better than ill or dying reals.

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